Peter Wooster’s artistic expression is truly mixed-media. Educated at Pratt Institute, he was involved with commercial and residential design projects in Manhattan, including designing the well-known restaurant ORSO, and its sister restaurants in Los Angeles and London.

In 1984 he left his beloved home in Brooklyn and moved to Roxbury, Connecticut. In Litchfield County, Peter’s meticulous eye for detail and his ability to create spaces, which welcomed the visitor, landed him a variety of assignments, designing and renovating homes and estates for clients who include Stephen Sondheim, Agnes Gund, and Kathryn Walker. He is also the architect and designer of several truly distinctive new homes designed for James Taylor, Jack O’Brien and Jane-Howard-Hammerstein.

Simultaneously, he began making his mark as a landscape and garden designer, not only for private homes, but he also co-designed the Seasonal Walk for the New York Botanical Garden. But his razor-sharp wit and deftly-honed aesthetic is particularly apparent in his own world-class garden where the edges and appointments are as acute as his humor. That garden has been the subject of articles in every prominent gardening periodical in this country, and several publications abroad.

In the autumn of 2006, Peter suffered a stroke, which paralyzed his right leg and arm-his drawing arm. The effects of the stroke diminished his ability to speak and read. Seeking a method by which to communicate, but also an outlet for his artistic expression, Peter at first turned to photography, then experimented with drawing – charcoal, watercolors, and colored pencils. But none of his creations pleased him.

He then began quietly creating small collages, utilizing graphics, photography and painting which he found readily available in a variety of print media. These pleased him. The medium of collage was able to perfectly express his unique and artful view of his new world. He has had several shows in Connecticut and in Manhattan and has published two books of his original collages.