Peter Wooster’s New One Man Show!

PETER WOOSTER was educated at the Pratt Institute. He was involved with commercial and residential design projects in Manhattan, and in designing the well-known restaurant Orso, and its sister restaurants in Los Angeles and London.

In 1984 he left his beloved Brooklyn for Roxbury, Connecticut, where his meticulous eye for detail and ability to create spaces that welcomed the visitor, landed him a variety of assignments designing and renovating homes and estates.

Simultaneously, he began making his mark as a landscape and garden designer, including designing the seasonal walk for the New York Botanical Garden.

In the autumn of 2006, Peter suffered a stroke, which paralyzed his right arm – his drawing arm – and leg. The effects of this stroke also diminished his ability to speak and read. Seeking a method by which to communicate, but also an outlet for his artistic expression, Peter began creating collages. He utilized graphics, photography, and painting, which he found readily available in a variety of newspapers and magazines. He discovered that the medium of collage was able to perfectly express his unique and artful view of his new world.

Peter has had shows in Connecticut at the Roxbury Library, the Washington Art Association, and also at New York City’s Fountain Gallery.

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