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Author Signing and Reading with Sydney Eddison – Where We Walk: Poems Rooted in the Soil of New England.

In the preface to her first book of poems, Sydney Eddison tells her story of living a “charmed life” with her husband in a house full of dreams, animals, good friends and beautiful gardens. In 1995, a car accident left her husband seriously injured. Sydney describes the accident as a wake-up call. After three months in a nursing home, he came home with a pronounced limp, having suffered two broken knees. Sydney, who had leaned on her husband for thirty-five years, learned how to be self-reliant.

After the death of her husband, Sydney was able to remain in her home, but she relied on her close friends to help her. Peter Wooster, a young man she met through gardening, was one of those friends. When Peter had a stroke, robbing him of his speech and mobility, Sydney was able to lend him a hand. Every Sunday afternoon they would meet and Sydney would assist Peter in his work as a collage artist by placing and pasting the images he created on a mat board according to his directions. In short, Sydney became his hands.

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Peter Wooster’s Roxbury garden is eavesdropping on an evolution

All gardens evolve. Watching a garden change daily, seasonally, annually is definitely part of the allure when you forge a relationship with the land. So let’s assume that the fluctuations of time would probably have altered Peter Wooster’s garden somewhat. But in this case, fate also had its way with the famed Roxbury landscape. The results are different from the garden as we originally knew it. But they are nonetheless wonderful Read More