Gardener/Architect Peter Wooster Creates a Collage Comeback

Pergola Home

After a stroke in 2006 left him partially paralyzed, with limited vocabulary, Peter Wooster of Roxbury, Connecticut, the renown gardener and architect of homes for such high-profile clients as James Taylor and Stephen Sondheim, continues to pursue creative self-expression through vivid visual imagery. True, Wooster can no longer draw or write up or describe out loud what he has in mind. But images—photographs, in particular—speak to Wooster as they always have, and through them he continues to express himself as emphatically as ever in the role of collage artist.

With pictures as the words he cuts and pastes into boldly punctuated metaphorical paragraphs, and several well-received gallery shows already to his credit, a new limited-edition book, Collage, is set to debut Sunday at a reception at Pergola Home in New Preston.

“Peter was always known for his pithy plantings in the garden,” says Tovah Martin, the acclaimed garden author and fellow longtime Litchfield County resident. “Basically, he led the trendsetting movement toward marrying highbrow architectural kitsch with zany horticulture. Now, he takes that sharp wit into another art form, teaching us to see anew.”