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Author Signing and Reading with Sydney Eddison – Where We Walk: Poems Rooted in the Soil of New England.

In the preface to her first book of poems, Sydney Eddison tells her story of living a “charmed life” with her husband in a house full of dreams, animals, good friends and beautiful gardens. In 1995, a car accident left her husband seriously injured. Sydney describes the accident as a wake-up call. After three months in a nursing home, he came home with a pronounced limp, having suffered two broken knees. Sydney, who had leaned on her husband for thirty-five years, learned how to be self-reliant.

After the death of her husband, Sydney was able to remain in her home, but she relied on her close friends to help her. Peter Wooster, a young man she met through gardening, was one of those friends. When Peter had a stroke, robbing him of his speech and mobility, Sydney was able to lend him a hand. Every Sunday afternoon they would meet and Sydney would assist Peter in his work as a collage artist by placing and pasting the images he created on a mat board according to his directions. In short, Sydney became his hands.